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this year's theme: afro-futurism

Afrofuturism is a cultural aesthetic, and philosophy of science and history that explores the intersection of African diaspora culture with science and technology. Participants will be expected to style their models accordingly in order to fully embody this aesthetic.


The fee for this competition is $50. You and your model will not need to pay for admission to the show. Proof of registration will be required for entrance.  There will be 2 categories for this competition and one winner per each category. 

Category 1: Barber Competition

Category 2: Natural Hair Styling Competition 

Read All Competition Rules Here

  • No Onsite Registration

  • Competition Registration Deadline is July 31st, 2022

  • Competition fee: $50

  • Category 1: Barber Competition

  • Category 2: Natural Hair Styling Competition


This is our first EVER Tri-State All Natural Hair Show & Competition. This is your opportunity to MAKE HISTORY and be apart of the Tri-State area's first ever event of its kind.  Our Best stylists and barbers will style and cut designs on models of all categories with precision and speed!  The 1st place winner in each category will talk away with a cash prize and the honor of making history with us! 

  • 2nd Place  Trophy + Swag Bag (Each Category) 

Plus --- Your winning photo posted on our social media with your handle attached for contact (hashtag). *Photos featured on all marketing material and websites. 

  • 3rd Place 2nd Place  Trophy + Swag Bag (Each Category) 

Plus --- Your winning photo posted on our social media with your handle attached for contact (hashtag). *Photos featured on all marketing material and websites. 

competition schedule

Sunday, August 14, 2022
Place: Black lodge
Address: 405 N Cleveland St, Memphis, TN 38104
Check-in Location: event Check-in Desk in the venue
Check-In Time: 2PM 
Prep Location: Designated area in venue (DO NOT GO TO MAIN STAGE)

Styling Time: 1 Hr
Barber Styling Time: 4:00 PM 

Judging Time (Barbers): 5:00PM

Hairstylist Styling Time: 5:30 PM
Judging Time (Stylists): 6:30PM




READ AND FOLLOW ALL RULES AND REGULATIONS… “Ignorance of rules excuses no one”– is a legal principle holding that a person who is unaware of a law or rule may not escape penalty for violating or not doing that law or rule merely because because he/she was unaware of its content.
This competition is open to all licensed and non-licensed Cosmetologists. 
This competition does not limit or restrict by race, gender, creed color or nationality.
All ages are allowed to compete and be models.
Competitor has to make sure that the model signs and submits all paperwork and waivers to participate or risk disqualification.
MODELS: You MUST provide your model and are responsible for the complete styling and overall look used to convey the theme.
Please arrive on time! Once event has started, no competitors or models will get special accommodations to compete. Set-Up will start at 2PM. This is the time you're expected to be at the venue. There will be no refunds given for late arrivals.

How the Show Will Work:

There are two categories for this competition. Stylists & Barbers. A stylist can be described as a loctician, braider, or general natural hairstylist.

Category 1: Barber Competition

Category 2: Natural Hair Styling Competition
There will be one winner per category. Each winner will receive $250

Judges will judge based on hair styling, closeness to theme, overall look, and creativity of final look. 

What to Bring on Day of Event To Confirm Registration:

The proof of purchase via email for:
Competition fee payment of $50
Competitor is required to use bring all supplies needed for competition. Any make-up, styling will need to be done prior to set-up. If you decide to do some of this during the show, you will be responsible for staying on schedule.

Competitor may enter one model per entry fee. If more than one model is entered, there will be no extra time allotted during the prep time slot, or final styling process. 
It is the responsibility of the competitor to make sure that the model has had food and ample hydration (water) before and during the competition.
The use of wigs, hairpieces or anything that gears away from natural haircare styling is prohibited. If found to be used in any way, significant points will be deducted.
Blow dryers, Flat irons and curling irons are allowed. 
Competitors have full use of all cutting equipment to implement the style desired. Bring your own combs, brushes, shears, color sprays, clippers.
For safety reasons, no Straight edge razors are to be used against the scalp.


Competitors have up to 1 Hours total to execute the hairstyle. (The use of bonding glue, wigs, razors, sew-ins, etc of any type are prohibited.)
Report with models dressed, makeup and accessories done before arrival so you can achieve the "Total Look," of this year's theme. No dressing rooms will be provided.
Arrive with the models ready to be styled. All shampoo services have to be completed before arriving to the event venue.
Competitors will cut and style only in time allotted (1 Hour) in designated area. 
The overuse of anything that takes the hair away from its natural state will cause you to lose points. Stay away from a lot of weave and chemicals. Sew-ins and wigs are prohibited. Hair styled needs to be free from perms or relaxers and . 
Competitor agrees to appear on site at the required CHECK-IN time or risk point deduction and/or possible disqualification for non adherence to the time requirements. The judging of the competition will be onstage and have extensive Run of Show obligations. Main stage is time sensitive.  There will be NO REFUNDS issued for disqualifications due to tardies or absences.
No closures of any kind are allowed. No wigs are allowed.
Judges reserve the right to finger through and inspect the interior workmanship of the finished style. The hair design or cut will not be disturbed.
Entrants and models must remain until the judges’ decisions are announced. 
The finished style must be on theme and can be as creative as you want. Attire, makeup and nails must compliment the total look.
Styling technique is optional based on competitor’s creativity. 

After time has been called, there can be no additions or ornamentation added to the head after style is completed. (Including, cutting, smoothing, adding Sheen Sprays, hair sprays or colors).


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The Tri-State Natural Hair Show & Competition is a hair, beauty and fashion experience that showcases the best of our beautiful natural hair community. 

The goal of this event is to bring together industry professionals & vendors from the Tri-State area, promote new and upcoming products, and provide education for consumers on how to maintain healthy natural hair.

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